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5 ways to keep your personal data safe

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I hear thousands of such news every day saying that people are losing their personal data online. Hi, I am Muhammad Moshin in this post I tell you 5 ways to keep yourself safe on the internet.

1: Be cautious of public Wi-Fi

Some people do not use their personal network or their internet package run out they use public wifi or networks which do not provide a secure connection as your personal network. This thing causes the loss of your personal data.

2: Turn off ‘sharing’ settings when not in use

Always turn off smartphone location NFC, Wifi, and Bluetooth when they are not in use.

3: Only download legitimate apps

Download Apps from only Google Play store for android and for iPhone only download from the app store of apple

4: Be wary of app permissions

See carefully when we download an app into Phone it requires some permissions to work properly. See these permissions carefully to avoid data leaks online. check what this application actually needs for this permission. And do not use applications which banned by your government country.

5: Avoid using auto-login

Do not turn auto-login because b, if your mobile is lost the man who picks your phone, can easily see your saved password and log in to your accounts.

Use screen everytime this also protects your data from theft. Also on finding my phone in android setting and iCloud activation in Apple devices. When your device is lost you can remotely find your device as well as you can erase your personal online.

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