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8 Defence Mechanism in simple words


It is the process in which we always try to protect or defend ourselves when we make a mistake or wrong decision which are socially unacceptable and we try to prove ourselves right by different arguments and make ourselves satisfied. It is a shield against anxiety.
There is a different defence mechanism that we use in our daily life.
List of defence mechanisms

• Denial
• Projection
• Reaction formation
• Rationalism
• Isolation
• Repression
• Identification
• Fantasy
• Displacement
• Sublimation

1: Denial

When someone experiences some undesirable, unaccepted, and strange reality he/she refuses to accept it and distorts the reality.
In this, our ego finds a way to protect our ID unconsciously by providing lies.
The sudden death of Hana’s uncle was a big shock for her family in this situation Hana refused to accept his reality and she used to say that her uncle is admitted to the hospital and he is alive.

2: Projection

In this kind of defence mechanism, we project and blame others for our own wrong acts to defend and protect ourselves.
Salina uses a projection mechanism to protect herself by saying that, sugar crystals are big than the actual size that’s why tea is much sweeter than its real taste and there is not my fault.

3: Reaction Formation

In this, we behave in a way that is totally opposite to how we feel in certain situations and make sure to act like socially acceptable.
Ali presses his aggression and aggressive behaviour against elders with smiles and acceptable behaviour that does not hurt them and behave and arguing in such a way in which he does not feel internally good.

4: Isolation

In this, we isolate ourselves from people, events, acts, and from some other conditions that may ruin and can cause bad effects on us and our reputation in society.
When Harem Shah leaked the video with Hassan Chauhan, he pretended it totally fake and argued he does not know about the video and he makes himself isolated from this scandal and Harem shah.

5: Identification

Everyone wants to become famous and in this sense when we relate ourselves with famous personalities, places, events for the sake of fame without doing an honourable act, and try to be identified by people and with their famous recognition.
Friends of Jannat mirza (Pakistani famous tik toker) capturing the pictures with Janna for sake of fame.

6: Displacement

In this, we transformed our emotions feelings, and thoughts from threatening figures to less threatening figures. In this, we always find replacement objects, persons, or things for our satisfied life.
In intermediate Bilal want to become a doctor but due to his low grades, he adopted the psychology subject in replacement.

7: Sublimation

In this, we choose an appropriate and safe object, figure, person, and place for our certain acts and behaviours, feelings, emotions, and thoughts that are considered socially unacceptable and worse, so in this, we find such appropriate conditions in which these acts are accepted.
As in Islam and Pakistan intake of alcohol is illegal but in Europe, it is legal and appropriate and everyone can drink easily in Europe rather than in Pakistan and Islamic countries.

8: Repression

In this type, we always used to press our unpleasant, unacceptable, and undesirable events, thoughts, memories that hurt us unconsciously.
Mira always presses her unpleasant car accident memories although she tries to forget them. Because she does not do this therefore she uses a repression mechanism.

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