How to Index Your Website on Google in Simple 5 ways

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Did you understand that more than 75% of website traffic comes from organic search engine results? Search engines, especially like Google, Bing play a big role in how people find your content online. If your website isn’t indexed on Google, you’ll miss out on a large part of your potential traffic.

What is indexing?

Indexing is the procedure by which Google adds pages to its database so it can show them in search results when someone search the information on google. In its index, Google keeps trace of pages and information about those pages, which it uses for ranking.

How to check if your site is indexed?

Simply you can check website indexing by Google search console

How to Index Your Website on Google

  • WordPress basic setting
  • Google webmaster Tool
  • Bing Search console
  • Backlinks
  • Promotion

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