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How to Manufacture of Electric Stove at Home in 0.50$


Manufacturing of Electric Stove to overcome the gas shortage crisis for the benefits of
my own family as well as my neighbors in my village


Being an individual from fair family hailing from a remote territory of Vehari, we generally needed
to confront gas issues. Mostly during the time of need we must face the problem of shortage of gas
supply. There is no legitimate timetable, and nobody knows when the gas will get backed up.
Along these lines, when we were asked to do some beneficial work that is someway valuable for
my family and it has made straight forwardness for them leaving an enduring impact. Along these
lines, this issue is not something I clicked the second we were approached to pick a good project.
I was giving it a think for extremely quite a while in the past also because of seeing this problem
and my family in trouble. In the morning when females wake up and go to the kitchen to prepare
breakfast , unfortunately, they have to face a shortage of gas supply twice or sometimes thrice in
a week and this shortage creates a lot of problems for us and it becomes difficult to manage. So,
keeping these all perspectives in my mind I am going to manufacture an electric stove and it would
be a less expensive just for the easiness of my family.


Since in cities gas supply is always available and they can manage easily with their lives
but it becomes difficult to manage when we talk about village areas and there people have
to live from hand to mouth and cannot afford the gas cylinders and also face shortage of
supply of gas most of the hours on daily basis. So, we were asked to make a project to help
our parents in this regard utilizing home resources. I am going to make same kind of
Electric stove to overcome the problem of gas shortage that my family face as a semester
project that will help my family. The purpose for making this project is to remove the
problem of gas shortage. After this project, my family would be able to heat things like
water and milk just putting them on this electric stove either gas is available or not. So, it
would also be a great source of happiness for me if I succeed in this project because of
easiness for my parents.
For the most part, electric stoves have raised dim twists in the form of heating coil that
turn red when heating. Over the earlier decade, level top heaters with smooth surfaces have
extended in popularity. Finally, electric broilers require a 240-volt electrical fitting and are
commonly basic and unassuming to present. Electric stoves and heaters are anything but
difficult to cook with and every now and again offer accumulating to pots and skillet
underneath the oven. In any case, progressively experienced cooks may see longer cooking
events and maybe disproportionate heating all through the cooking strategy. Furthermore,
it would be a progressively moderate just for the simplicity of my family.


• To learn how to utilize available resources in a positive way
• To understand how to make electric stove on home using available resources
• To learn about fabrication of machine

Equipment and Material Required:

Table 1: Equipment and Materials Required

  • Steel box with 6in diameter

  • Steel Rule for measurements

• Hand saw for cutting of parts

Plaster of Paris

  • Heating Filament

• Two pin Shoe

Step wise Procedure:

  1. . First of I took a ghee tin pack and marked it according to requirements for cutting and then
    cut it more than half in such a way that base was closed, and above portion was open.

2. Then, I took an electric cutter and cut the marked portion of the box and the following final
cut shape was obtained.

3. Then, I marked four points on the box on edges and then cut them from their remaining
portions in such a way that support is formed to hold things for heating as shown in the
figure 9

4. Then, I did two holes with the help of drill for shoe connection and make the wires vertical
so that they can be made from the box and then filled the box with Plaster of Paris and
allowed it to cool for 30 minutes.

5. Then, I took a drill and make a path and for placing heating filament and then turn in the
power supply by connecting two ends of the heating filament with the two ends of the twopin shoe.

Tools Used:

 Plier
 Screwdriver
 Tester
 Scissor
 Insulation Tape
 Hammer

Block Diagram for manufacturing of Electric Stove:

Final Product Working:

Project Advantages:

Firstly, In morning when we get the gas out, it is really gets difficult to move or work,
especially for the females of our family who have to work in kitchen preparing food for the
rest of the family members. So, getting gas in this way have reduced more wait for the gas.
• Waste material in the house will be utilized in a positive way.
• Problem of my family will be resolved
• Will get long term benefits and it will also help us in winter season for heating
• Estimated cost for installation is very less.
• Construction of the evaporative cooler is simple


• Electric Stove requires a continuous supply of electricity.
• It consumes almost 1000W AC so can cause serious damage if it is not handled properly

Future Scope:

In the field of advance technology, the Electric Stove is very much like the Electric Heater which
is used in winter. It requires vey less space and we can fit this fan anywhere like home, office for
the purpose of heating the room and in the kitchen for the purpose of Cooking. We can use this
fan for large space because the Electric Stove is able to heat up the environment.


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Submitted by:

                                                        HANZLA SHAHID 

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