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How to Talk to a Woman

After you’ve got the signal, which we talked about earlier, it’s time to walk right up to this girl and get things going. It is so important to know how to start that initial conversation. Without the conversation, there can be no “get- ting to know you” date. And we all know that there is no simple way to ask a woman out. There is no magical potion to make it any easier. The thing is, she’s either going to say yes or she’s going to say no. You basically have a fifty- fifty shot. You may not believe this, but when women are asked what really works when a man tries to ask them out, most will say, “He smiled at me.” Never underestimate the power of a smile! Of course, a lecherous grin isn’t going to cut it. But a nice smile should work wonders with anyone. A smile disarms even the biggest bitch on the planet. That’s why earlier in the book I said that it is important for your teeth to look their best. So how do you do it? How do you start that initial conversation? Simple. Walk up to her, smile and say, “Hi.” Wait for her to respond and after she does, introduce yourself. And then… Get her to talk about herself. If you can get her talking about herself, all you’re going to have to do is nod every so often and occasionally ask questions about her work or where she went to school or whatever. This is a good way to keep her talking, therefore, building interest in you. She’ll think, “Wow, he’s a really good listener.” Women love to talk and when it’s about them, be prepared to be there all night.

When talking, you should:

It is important to understand that once you have her talking, you have an opportunity to date her. Don’t blow it. Use the guidelines for talking from the examples I’ve provided. This should work every time. If it doesn’t, you’re doing something wrong or you’re trying too hard. Don’t try too hard and don’t act desperate. Don’t give her a reason to say no.

A few icebreakers:

Asking any open-ended question will spur her attention. This will get her talking and the rest should take care of itself. There is no science or mystery to it. It’s all about making a little connection with someone for a period of time. Doing it this way ensures that you won’t have much embarrassment and she won’t call you a loser. If she does, she’s a royal bitch and you’re better off with- out her. Remember that if she’s not talking much or looking around anxiously, this doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to talk. She could be very nervous. She could be shy. Watch for the signs. See if she’s interested in you. If she is, she’ll let you know. After you’ve talked for a while, decide if you want to get her phone number. If you do…  

Say this:  When you ask for it, ask for it with confidence, as if you don’t expect her to turn you down. Also, don’t stumble over your words so you’ll have to repeat yourself. The thing to remember is that it’s not that hard to talk to a woman. And talk to her as if you’re just shooting the breeze. Never let her in on the fact that you’re that interested. But, of course, if you’re talking to her, she probably already knows you’re interested. Yet, don’t kiss her ass or shower her with compliments too early on. No one likes a sycophant so keep that in mind. A few compliments are nice, like saying she looks lovely or whatever but don’t gush or say cheesy things like, “You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen!” While it might be the case, she might think you’re trying to blow smoke up her ass to get her in bed. Just keep that in mind.

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