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Most in Demand Freelancing Skills in 2022

Most in Demand Freelancing Skills in 2021

If you are a beginner as a freelancer, you will obviously love to get started the right way that could generate a handsome income for you.  Many freelancers think such even if a skill is higher paid that never means it is right path to follow or right skill to acquire , getting paid always depends on your skill expertise, experience , quality and quantity of the work you provide. Following are some of the most in demand skills in 2021

1. Video Animators and Editors

Many types of freelance editors are required by several businesses. Video editors and animators are in topmost because almost all businesses now a day’s own a YouTube channel to reach the target audience. A good video content can make a good impact on a brands reputation. Average Freelance video editors in USA earn around 72000 $ per year and experienced video editors make around 122000$ per year. The demand of video editors and animators rose because of multiple social media app containing video content (e.g. Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Tiktok). If you can create awesome video content you may have a bright future ahead.

2. Web Design And Development

With the increase in digitalization and e-commerce now most of the business whether large scale, small scale or medium sized owned their own websites where you can buy, contact or review their products
Web developers design, create and take responsibility for the functionality of a web design. They basically write a code, use programming languages, integrate graphics, audio and fulfill all basic needs of client.
Even though this field is crowded right now. There is always a great demand for web designers. An Upwork survey which was done in 2015 shows Web Design is 7th most in demand skill. A web developer on some good freelance market place can earn $35/hour

3. SEO

Search engine optimization is very important for almost all business ventures. SEO is bit more technical skill as compare to others but it pays well. Basically when a customer searches a product on Google and company is nowhere on the top of Google search results it is very difficult for a company to compete in a market. Basically there 6 main steps you may have to follow for SEO
i. Understand search algorithms
ii. Create content that both users and search engines love
iii. Identify on-page ranking factors
iv. Build quality links
v. Analyze results
vi. Stay on top of changes
A survey of SEO salary research by, the average salary for SEO expert in the U.S. is $60,548 and $29 per an hour. You could find SEO experts on Upwork, you’ll see a very wide range of hourly rates. It starts around $25 per hour and go as high as $500 per hour. Most of them fall between $45 and $75 an hour.

4. Graphic Designing

With increase in digital impact on local economies and a change in customer purchasing habits. Now every brand and business wants to own their own identity and they has a certain target audience to reach and attract. Graphic designing is in demand skill for since a while now. You could see some freelancers making 80 to 90$ hour on Upwork. But the average pay of a graphic designer on some top market places is 35$ per hour. Info graphic, logo designing, icon designing, barouches, ticket designing, graph designing and illustrations these are all sub niches of graphic designing.

5. Content Writer 

Content writing was and still a hot and top notch freelancing skill. It’s been a while now since content writing is in demand. Being a content writer you may have to write for blogs, customized brand websites, news articles, and for content for commercial purpose. For being a good content writer apart from being creative you have to read a lot, having some good writing skills, being in touch with current affairs and doing extensive research. You may find content writer on top market places earning average around 41$ per hour

6. Copy Writer

Copy writing is a different niche from content writing. Content writers are specialized in writing content for website pages, description of different products and for different services etc. Experienced copy writers will write copies for advertising and marketing purposes. They may also write taglines and slogans for brands, emails for companies, newsletters or eBooks. Knowledge of SEO will certainly help a copy writer to earn good a amount. You may find copy writers on top market places ranging from 15-100$ per hour but the average pay for freelancers on tip market place is between 35-38$

7. Social Media Management

Using Social Media and being in contact with target of audience is of the most important task for a brand. A brand can market its products and maintain a good public relation with its customers. Every business whether a small scale or large scale now posses a social media profile across different social media platforms. It may sound easy to someone but social media management is indeed a tedious job and requires extensive knowledge of social media. Not only you have to monitor or manage content of your brand but also have look after feedback. You represent and manage entire online presence of your brand. With increase in usage of social media eventually social media handlers are in demand now. Having little knowledge about SEO with extensive knowledge of social media you can make a full time career out of it.

8:Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Programming

9:Amazon Web Services

10:Mobile App Development

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