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What is EVM of Pakistan | Pakistan electronic voting machine

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What is EVM ?

An Electronic device is called Electronic Voting Machine is also known as EVM. This is an advanced method of voting in developing countries using electronic means to either aid or takes care of the chores of casting and counting votes. An EVM is designed with two parts: the control part (unit) and the balloting part (unit).

Benefits of the use of remote voting solutions OR EVM

  • Those people (voters) who live in remote areas
  • Those people who live abroad e.g other countries
  • Those for whom voting can be difficult given their health condition, for example disabilty etc
  • Those voters who cannot leave the place in which they are residing at the time of the election
  • Those people who want to travel on the day of the votting, For example important family function etc
  • Those voters who do not want to leave their house on the day of the votting

Drawbacks of the use of remote voting solutions or EVM

The main risks related to EVM are given below:

  • This is difficult for un-educated dpeople
  • Observing remote voting solutions may be more complex/difficult to organise than iperson voting
  • There may be information asymmetry between voters who vote in advance and those who vote on Election Day
  • Remote voting solutions which take place in an uncontrolled environment may present a higher risk of fraud, coercion, family voting, impersonation, violation of ballot secrecy or other compromises to the integrity of the vote.
  • There may be political disagreement
  • Uncontroled environment, risk of cyber attacks on system

See all the essential info about EVM in this detailed video.

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