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What is Fiverr? | Introduction to Fiverr

Fiverr is unique in that it is a micro job website that offers products and services for only $5. It is a fast growing platform connecting millions of buyers and sellers worldwide instantly. The wide range of services and products that
are available meet a growing need for reliable and economical services, especially those of small business and individual buyers.
The concern that was held by many when Fiverr was launched in 2010 was that the low prices being offered were due to mediocre talent. However, the sceptics were soon proven wrong when it became apparent that high quality work did not necessarily have to be charged at high prices as well. Most of the sellers on the site are focused on providing good quality work, with emphasis on a fast turnover. These entrepreneurs will rather sell 10 items, or provide 10 services, for $5 per unit, than try and sell one service or product a
day for $50

How Do You Earn an Income On Fiverr?

You place a sales offer, promoting your services or products, known as a ‘Gig’ Fiverr takes a 20% commission (in this case $1), and you are left with earnings. You can write an article of 1,500 words for $5, or a blog post of 200 words for $5. Or you could design one business card for $5, or design 5 business cards.

Could I really earn $100/day on Fiverr?


Like in any other market place, your income will depends on the demand for your work. When you have proven that you can supply the product to the customer’s satisfy or agree with you will get more work, the sky is the limit on your potential earnings! You are allowed to create up to 20 Gigs on Fiverr, which will allow you to sell 20 unique products or services. If each gig is sold each day, that would be a total income of $100 – of course commission also gets deducted, which leaves you then with $80. People earn more than $100 per day, and as I said before – as long as the your demand is there in the market , the sky is the limit!

The Fiverr Ranking System

Fiverr has a ranking system that, as you move higher up the ranks, gives you more perks and benefits. As you progress through the ranks, from basic up- wards, the site will continuously notify you of changes to your profile, and will add a badge to your profile as well.

Basic Seller

This is the first step on the ladder. When you open a account on Fiverr as a Seller, you enter as a “Basic Seller”. Your ranking can only change after 30 days and 10 sales with an “Excellent” rating.

Level One

Once you have fulfilled the requirements of the Basic Seller level, you will automatically be promoted to a “Level 1 Seller”. With this ranking you are able to offer an additional 2 Gigs and prospective buyers can purchase your Gigs in multiples of 4. Thus, this enables a buyer to purchase 4 Gigs of your services or products at the same time.

Level Two

You will have had 50 excellent sales ratings. You are now able to offer an additional 3 Gigs worth $40, and buyers can now purchase your Gigs in multiples of 8. This means that you can earn $45 on one order!

Top Rated Seller

However, it is so difficult to attain that there is some confusion about what the criteria is. These sellers are selected manually, but excel- lent ratings across all Gigs, good customer service and high volumes are absolutely necessarily.

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