What’s is best program after Bs applied psychology?

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After BA and BSc in Psychology, if you want to pursue a career in Psychology, you have a master’s degree in Psychology.
What are the master’s degrees and diplomas for making a career?
MA Applied Psychology
The first degree to come is MA in Applied Psychology. In MA Applied Psychology we will see What Is Applied Psychology? In Applied Psychology we can apply psychological techniques, theories, and principles applied in everyday life. Degree duration 2 years. After completing this degree, you will become a career counselor.
1: Educational counselor
2: Social worker
M. A in counseling psychology
This course also lasts for two years. After doing this you become a
1: School counselor
2: Marriage and family counselor
3: Academic counselor
4: Career counselor
5: Mental health counselor
This is a master’s degree course. If you want to make a career in diploma. Now we come to the part where we talk about the diploma courses.
Diploma in Psychology
1: PG Diploma in Rehabilitation psychology
This diploma is for two years and after doing this you will be in the Hospital Rehabilitation Center. According to the Bureau of labor statistics (BLS). There is also time to come, so the demand for rehabilitation psychology is going to be very high
2: PG diploma in industrial psychology
The duration of this course is one year. After doing this diploma you can work in any industry as an Industrial-organizational consultant behavioral analyst. And there are many more diplomas that you can do Like.
PG diploma in clinical psychology
PG diploma in family & child psychology
PG diploma in mental health counseling
PG diploma in sports psychology

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