Saturday, April 1, 2023

Which is better Tik Tok or YouTube?

What is the difference between YouTube and Tik tok. You should use Tik Tok or YouTube.

So my answer would be YouTube. YouTube has given has a lot of positive effects on people’s lives. Explain in simple steps.


So, as you know, every person who makes a video on YouTube needs a practice and at the same time he has to look at this topic according to the topic so that he can deliver good material to the people. Much of the content on YouTube is factual. While on Tik tok it is easier for creators since the content is shorter and requires less budget than YouTube videos.


People can benefit from it according to their field, such as students, they can watch videos on it according to their study, etc. If there is a businessman, they can watch business videos.

Viral Fake Things:

YouTube does not viral the wrong content, while Tik tok do this.

Child care:

So we need to get rid of these fake and nasty apps and keep your kids away from them as much as possible.

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