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You’re Profile on Fiverr

Your profile matters a lot. If your profile is up to date and articulate, it says a lot about you. Do not lie or use fake information on your profile. Tell the reader about yourself, but in a good way. When you look at other successful sellers profile it will give you a very good idea what to write. Upload a profile picture, one that is professional and appropriate. Buyers can more easily connect to someone when they have seen what they look like, and it will improve your chances of selling your Gig. Humans always look for faces. Your profile bio is where you inform buyers of who you are, and explain why they should buy from you. This is also where you can invite them to have a look at your gigs and purchase them. 

Tip: Type ‘biography’ into Fiverr search and pamper yourself with a professional catchy biography for 5$.

Design Your Profile

Design is where you connect visually with your buyers. You have to ensure you always have a good image of yourself. If you’ll catch the buyer’s eye, you have a significantly improved chance of them buying your Gig’s. It is best time and effort to have good images or even video of you and your products. There are many tools available on the web to help you with this, but don’t forget you can also do it all on Fiverr using other sellers’ gigs. 

Tip: Type ‘caricature’ into Fiverr search and pamper yourself with a professional eye catching cartoon profile image for 5$.

Stay Safe

Your account will be secured and social profiles and ensuring your passwords are set up properly etc. Customers will also see this when looking at your profile and it will assure them

Establish Your Seller Record

Having a positive review record is one of the most important elements of selling your products or services on Fiverr. This is your reputation, and customers are going to read it – so make sure it is always good. The best way to establish a positive record is to collect a portfolio of 50 – 100 excellent reviews. The fastest way to do this is by over delivering on a $5 gig. Although this is giving away in the short term, this is where you are investing in your own reputation in the long term. Once buyers can see that you offer value for money, and you have progressed through to Level 2, you can adjust your pricing to be more reflective of the value of your time. For example, you can easily start by selling a 1,000 word article for $5. It is hard work for low pay, but once you have established a base of clients and generated good reviews, you can change your gig to $5 for 500 words. 

Tip: Giveaway your first 50-100 gigs for as low as you possibly can in order to establish a positive record.

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